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this is our blawg about catz!!1!
+ N A V I G A T E

=^.^= meeeow~


1. What’s your name?

We’re Anabel & Casey, we run this blog. :)

2. What do you guys post/reblog?

Cats!! We adore cats<33

3. Follow/rate/etc. ?

We don’t follow on demand. If you want us to check out your blog, send us a “meow?” in our ask! For rates, “mew“‘s will do. Votes ~ just ask! We don’t vote every single time, but feel free to ask! If you want a promo for promo, just ask, but we must be following YOU and YOU must be following us!!

5. When did you start this blog?

September 25, 2011.

6. Should I follow this blog?

Is that even a question…?

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